Robotic Demolition

CVD Fire Protection operates a fleet of robotic demolition robots of various sizes to suit individual project requirements. These are mechanical demolition robots and their functions include percussion hammer and hydraulic jaws to break reinforced concrete up to 300mm thick, as well as buckets for excavation and debris clearing.

In some situations, a demolition robot will outperform better known methods such as sawing and drilling because of the quick deployment and high productivity of the machine.

Benefits of a Robotic Demolition are:

  • Remote Management Makes the Demolition Zone Easier to Control
  • Creates Minimal Noise and Minimal to No Vibration
  • Can Cope With Numerous Terrains – including stairs, doorways and openings

When Would We Use A Robotic Demolition?

We would advise the use of a Robotic Demolition when the environment calls for minimal noise disruption and having a team near the demolition site would go against the health and safety procedures. Our team are highly trained to use the equipment and are able to advise on the best strategy for the project to secure an effective and safe demolition.