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CVD Fire Protection & Diamond Concrete Drilling/Cutting Services

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Diamond Drilling & Sawing

What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond Drilling is a form of concrete core cutting that uses a rotary drill that has a diamond drill attached to achieve definite and pre-determined holes in concrete. Diamonds are used for the drill as they are the strongest occurring material which gives you the edge in construction performance for creating service penetrations and access.

Core cutting using diamond drilling is precise and controlled when compared to breaking and destructive, noisy methods of cutting openings and penetrations through concrete, masonry and stone. Since core drilling is rotary only, the vibration and noise level of conventional methods is greatly reduced. Wet diamond core cutting controls dust, which is recognised as one of the most hazardous substances in the construction industry. Diamond core cutting methods are safe and fast, making them highly cost effective.

Safety and Quality At The Forefront

We provide a wide range of Diamond Drilling services and have worked on various sized projects, from basic coring to complex and large scale projects. Working with the best suppliers in the industry and to industry standards. For more information about each of services, click the respective links below.