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Passive Fire Protection

What Is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive Fire Protection is one of the methods that is used to protect a structure from a fire. Unlike Active Fire Protection methods, like Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets, Passive Fire Protection methods are set up to compartmentalise the overall building through fire-resistant walls, floors and materials that fill any gaps. The main objective is to reduce the speed at which fire, smoke and toxic gases move from one room to another to limit the damage done to a building and to give occupants an increased amount of time to evacuate to an emergency area


Expertise and Experience

Our expertise and experience in providing Fire Protection services and materials for numerous clients and contracts set us apart from our competitors. We provide a wide range of Firestopping Options for every construction application, whether temporary or permanent. Whether it be for new build construction, refurbishment or maintenance applications, we provide a quality service to prevent the passage of smoke, toxic gases and fire throughout a fire occurrence. We supply accredited systems from key manufacturers, and close supplier relationships enable us to offer tailored solutions for non-standard applications. For more information about each of services, click the respective links below.