​Fire Stopping

​Fire Stopping

CVD work with all the key industry manufacturers of passive firestopping products, where we are supported and trained to install fire collars, wraps, ablative coated batt, mastic sealants all of which provide fire, smoke, thermal, acoustic and airsealing solutions. These are based on firestopping principle of compartmentalisation, where building compartments confine fire, smoke and heat in the area to which it started. Main compartments to be considered are walls, ceilings and floors and up to a specific timeframe. These products correctly installed will prevent the spread of fire, smoke and heat and it is imperative that you use an accredited installer such as CVD Fire Protection.

Service Penetrations, Service Risers, Wallhead Voids, Intumescent Sealing and Joints

Fire stopping is crucial to maintaining the stability and safety of those within a building in the case of a fire. The team at CVD are trained to determine the best possible designs and suppliers to keep the integrity of a structure and reduce the speed at which a fire could grow to allow the people within time to get out safely. We pinpoint any gaps or areas that need sealing to protect the building and between floors to provide up to two hours protection. In the event of a fire occurring, these systems prevent the passage of:

  • Smoke
  • Toxic Gases
  • Fire Throughout a Building and Between Floors.

Identifying the Correct Solution

CVD provide a wide range of Firestopping Options for every construction application, whether temporary or permanent. These range from simple joint and gap sealing to higher specifications such as movement or expansion joints. Systems are also available for the protection of Mechanical and Electrical Services penetrating through walls and floors, with structural and load-bearing options available for service risers and shafts.

Other common applications include the provision of fire stopping under raised computer floor areas and slab-edge separation within curtain walling and cladding applications.


Fire Protection Services

  • Firestopping
  • Intumescent Coatings
  • Board Systems
  • Barrier Systems
  • Air Sealing
  • Acoustic Insulations
  • Surveys