A Versatile Solution for Different Solutions

For concrete, brick, natural stone and tile drilling, diamond drilling is recognised as the cleanest method for making penetrations for services. Using both rig mounted and handheld equipment diamond drilling enables a smooth circular cut and is commonly used to create openings for plumbing, electrical and heating or ventilation requirements. Diamond drilling is the precise method of creating holes for anchor bolts. Diamond drill bits start at 10mm and can go as large as 1 metre or more.

Benefits of using boards as a Diamond Drilling:

  • Hole Sizes from 10mm to 1 meter
  • The Most Precise Method for Creating Hole for Anchor Bolts
  • The Cleanest Method for Making Penetrations for Services

What is Core Diamond Drilling?

A core diamond drill bit consists of a steel tube with diamond segments brazed or welded on the drilling end and mounted on a rotating shaft. Core drilling machines can be operated in either vertical or horizontal direction and can be powered by electric, hydraulic or air sources. Drilling depths are virtually unlimited when using barrel extensions. All diamond drilling tubes have a water feed through the driving shaft, to keep the diamonds cool, the cutting area free of grit, and assist in reducing wear. Additionally, the water almost totally eliminates dust, one of the greatest hazards associated with the construction industry.