Fire Protection of Structural Steelwork

Intumescent Coating Systems provide an efficient, effective and practical option for the Fire Protection of Structural Steelwork. These systems protect and insulate the steelwork in the event of a fire, thus maintaining the integrity of the structure and preventing a potential collapse within a given time-frame. When a fire starts, the heat causes a chemical reaction that causes the coating to expand that acts as an insulation and protects the material underneath. This prevents the steelwork from reaching the temperatures necessary to cause a structural failure. Prior to applying the intumescent coating as a fire protection method, our team will test the environment to ensure it is the best fit.

Types of intumescent coatings we work with:

Nullifire Premier Contractors and Approved Installers for Jotun, Nullifire & more

CVD offer a wide range of accredited intumescent options for Structural Steelwork from the major manufacturers for both internal and exposed applications, offering up to 120 minutes Fire Protection. Suppliers that we work with for intumescent coatings are Sherwin Williams/Leighs Paints, Jotun, Nullifire, Rockwool and Promat.