Best For Limited Access Projects

Handheld sawing is a valuable technique to create smaller openings and is useful in projects with limited access and/or are under a tight timeline. An example of this is our project for the Charles Anderson Mural. The swimming pool latterly known as Rainbow Slides was in the process of being demolished when the Ogilvie Group investigated the possibility of saving the mural. Permissions were sought and granted, however, there were only three days available for the operation to be carried out.

Ogilvie engaged CVD to work as part of a team to cut the mural into five sections for transfer to its new location. The wall was 11m long and 3.7m high and therefore quite a challenge given the timescales and the fine detail of the concrete. Planning was critical, with up to 10 people working on the task at the same time, method statements were carefully prepared to ensure that the work fully overlapped with other trades. The operation was completed safely within the time limits and to the total satisfaction of the client.

Types of Hand Saw Services

Ring Saw

Hydraulically powered and handheld, the ring saw will cut up to 250mm in depth with diamond blades.

Chain Saw

An ideal solution when restricted access and a clean cut is required. It is low noise and vibration free. This unit can be used to form door and window openings in walls also openings in precast floors.

Partner Saw

Diamond chainsawing is just one of the many diamond methods with advantages over traditional practices. Although a diamond chainsaw looks like an arborist chainsaw, it uses a chain with diamond tipped teeth. This saw is the workhorse for many concrete cutting jobs and is also used to create a starter cut for ring saws.