What is Wire Sawing?

Diamond wire cutting is a hydraulically powered, diamond impregnated “rope” is drawn through concrete flooring, walls and beams, leaving clean, smooth surfaces. The wire has a steel core of strands 6mm in diameter and can be almost any length. Spaced along the length are 10mm diamond beads approximately 30mm apart.

The wire is positioned over the pulleys and fed through pre-drilled holes in the concrete that is being cut and back over the drive pulley. The wire can be of almost any length and is joined by special crimps. Sawing is carried out by at a constant speed, whilst applying pressure on the wire by gently applying a steady backward movement by expanding the pulleys.

When Would We Use Wire Sawing?

Diamond wire sawing and diamond wire cutting would be used for almost any large concrete structure where other methods are not possible. It works particularly well for cutting and removing reinforced concrete. For instance, foundations and bridges. We’ve worked on various projects over the years that have required diamond wire cutting and diamond wire sawing in both basic and complex structures. Please get in touch with us to discuss a quote.